Dedicated to those who come for the first time in this discipline.

DAY 1 – The lesson will begin with a theoretical explanation of the winds and the flight window and then move to the preparation of the kite, safety systems and the main rules of conduct. Inozierà so the first real approach with a small kite that does not have much traction to capture only the correct movement of the bar. After this will pass to maneuver a kite normal with the aid of a trapezium

DAY 2 – Maneuvering a normal kite will begin to play a series of important and preparatory exercises for the lesson in water, such as walking in both directions sit and get up usingthe only force that the kite delivers. At the end of the lesson you will be able to steer the kite with one hand and raise and lower the kite.

DAY 3 – You’ll have your first approach in the water with the kite and the board, will begin with the body-drag and the recovery of the table and you will learn to relaunch the kite from the water. On the same day will effect your first starts with the board.

1 90 € 120 €
2 170 € 200 €
3 220 € 300 €